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The Concept

So, you can't afford to rent and save a deposit for your first home.


If you are lucky, maybe you stay at home with your parents and put some money aside.

But you want your independence, so you end up spending some of your savings on holidays and experiences and you just never seem to get to the point where you can move out.

Maybe you have a partner stuck in the same situation.

Its frustrating, you're working hard, maybe building a career but you can't see a way to ever get on that elusive housing ladder. Worse still, renting has become just as expensive as buying your own home.

Well, Responsible Homes has been set up for people just like you!

We are looking for responsible tenants who will take the opportunity we are offering and make the most of it.

We will provide

  • access to free financial advice to make sure our tenants can afford to take on one of our flats

  • a substantial discount to tenants who pay their rent on time and who commit to depositing the discount in a Help to Buy ISA in their name.

We will support tenants in this way for up to 3 years when we hope they will have saved enough to buy their own home.  We can then make their flat available to someone else.

Why are we doing this?

We want to demonstrate that it is possible to build and rent quality homes to people at rents they can afford and still make a reasonable return on the investment.

Just because a market will take a rental at a certain level doesn't mean a landlord has to charge at that level.

Responsible landlords for Responsible tenants!

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