New Year, New Roof!

Well, Santa had to hold back on the roofers pressies in the end but its been worth the wait.

A few complications around the dormer windows and tricky sticky out bits (technical terms) but the roof is done and looks fantastic.

Windows start being installed in a week and then the scaffolding will start coming down. Can't wait!

The guys were able to get on with some of the internal work despite the roof delays.

Mark and I met chief builder Chris on site last week for our first look at the flats with internal wall frames in place.

There are some interesting room shapes in some flats but overall they are looking light and airy with good sized sitting rooms.

We sat down with Chris this week to agree kitchen layouts so that the electricians can get on with the "first fix" from next week.

Our next job is to start drawing up tenancy agreements and set the all important rental values.....


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