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First floor complete

Well its been a while since my last blog. The weather has been kind to us and building has gone well. We are up to the first floor now - second floor on its way and its been great to see the layout of the various flats. We are very excited having made the decision to make the two ground floor flats entirely equipped for physically disabled tenants. It's hard enough finding a place to rent - but very hard to find one if you are physically disabled.

We should be getting the banner up on the outside of the side this week so I expect a few more visitors to the site. We've had quite a few registered interests so far and are compiling a list of people. Do email us if you would like details or to be added to the list. I think flats will be ready between the Spring and Summer of 2018 - we wish they were earlier but we are very focussed on a quality build. Ill take some pictures and upload them this week....

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