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Day 1 - Not quite launch day - but day 1 of the blog

So a couple of years ago Melanie was trying to work out how we could help the young generation get financial independence and on to the property ladder. She looked in to building hostels - but that required too much land and needed significant ongoing management. So we looked at building houses that we could sell or rent. We got very excited about the modern, quick development that was possible with modern modular designs.

We attempted to contact the council to see if there were local brownfield opportunities for land - but despite our contacts and having worked with them for 20 years - they were not available to chat. We then looked for a site. One almost came off in Trowbridge but we were gazumped ...(or gazundered) !

Never fear we found one in Chippenham. Not ideal as there was not an opportunity for modular building - but it was at least a site.

We went to the auction - and we got it - more than we planned to spend - but we were not going to get anywhere if we didn't get a chance to test out the concept.

Project 1 - 27 Park Lane , Chippenham. 3 shops to be demolished, 8 flats to be built.

I then cycled from Caen to Nice for 2 weeks with Tom , my eldest son, and then off we went to Turkey for 6 weeks. So I'm designing this website , using Wix, Ken is sorting out a possible company to demolish the shops, and its 35 degrees in the shade.

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